Hey! Say! Jump Profile

8 Jan


Yabu Kota
薮宏太 (やぶこた)

Nickname: Yabu-chan, Yabucchi, Yappi-, Kou-chan (childhood nickname)
Birthday: 1990.01.31
Zodiac: Aquarius
Hometown: Kanagawa

Height: 175cm
Weight: 50kg
Blood type: A

Admired senpai: Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN), Domoto Koichi (Kinki Kids)
Admired person: Johnny Depp
Collects: CDs
Favorite color: red
Disliked color: blue
Favorite food: curry rice, oden, boiled fish
Favorite dish: Hiyayakko
Disliked food: tomatoes, cucumber, greenpeach
Favorite sport: soccer
Favorite taste: sour things
Favorite subject: English
Weak subject Mathematics
Favorite animal: newborn kittens
Hobby: listening music
Speciality: soccer
Good point: can concentrate for a short amount of time
Weak point: can’t concentrate for a long amount of time

Favorite type of girl: cute, not too loud
Country I want to go to: Europe, Spain
Country I have been to: America, Hawaii, Taiwan, Thailand

Joined JE: September 23rd 2001 Continue reading


ARASHI Profile

8 Jan




  • Aiba Masaki

* Name: Aiba Masaki (相葉雅紀)
* Nickname: Aiba, Idol
* Birthdate: December 24, 1982
* Height: 175 cm
* Weight: 58 kg
* Blood Type: AB
* Horoscope: Capricorn
* Measurements: B:82 cm; W:70 cm; H:88 cm
* Foot: 26.5cm
* Family: Mom, Dad, younger brother (Yusuke)
* Pets: 3 dogs
* Favorite Subjects: none
* Least Favorite Subjects: Physical Education (during winter season)
* Food: ramen
* Color: black and white
* Precious Treasures: everyone around him, his pets and his stuffed animal Continue reading

Hello Venus – What Are You Doing Today Lyrics

8 Jan

[Lime]Hello venus! Let’ start! Uhm~ chup!

Oneuri gagi jeone nan neoreul bogil wonhae
Haega jigi jeone call call call (x2)

[Alice]Nuga meonjeo deryeogamyeon eotteokhae
(Saenggangman haedo nan, saemi na michyeo nan)
[Nara]Nugabwado uwolhan neol eotteokhae
(Bogiman haedo neon, haega mak bichyeo neon)
[Lime]Oneureun bandeusi neol bureullae
[Ara]gamanhi gidarijin anheullae
Continue reading

SNSD – I Got A Boy Lyrics

8 Jan

[Sooyoung] Ayo! GG! Yeah yeah sijakhae bolkka?
[All] Eo-meo! [Sooyoung] Yae jom bwara yae
Museun iri isseotgillae meoril jallatdae? Eung?
[All] Eo-meo! [Yuri] Tto yae jom borago!
Meoributeo balkkeutkkaji seutairi bakkwieosseo
Wae geuraetdae? Gunggeumhae jukgenne wae geuraetdae?
Malhae bwabwa jom

[Tiffany] Ha ha! Let me introduce myself!
Here comes trouble! Ttara hae!
[All] Oh ohh eh oh. Oh ohh eh oh
[Jessica] Neo jallasseo jeongmal! Continue reading

Big Bang Takes Hong Kong For Their Alive Galaxy Tour

11 Dec

Even with Big Bang‘s ‘Alive Galaxy Tour‘ about to come to an end, fans are showing unceasing interest and support.

From December 8th through the 10th, the boys performed for a total of 30,000 fans at the Asia World Expo in Hong Kong. Although they had only originally planned to make it a two day concert, tickets had sold out the moment they had gone on sale, prompting Big Bang to add another date. Tickets for that date sold out just as fast, demonstrating the boys’ popularity. Continue reading

[BREAKING] Secret Involved In A Car Accident

11 Dec


SECRET was involved in a car accident.

On December 11th at around 2:00 am KST, the van that the ladies were traveling in was going down the Olympic Highway from Seoul to Jamsil when it hit the side guardrail and flipped over.

Member Hyosung was seriously injured and was immediately taken to the hospital. The other members are also being treated for minor injuries at the hospital. It is unknown at this point what their exact injuries are. Continue reading

Kiroro Profile

7 Dec


Name : (玉城 千春) Tamashiro Chiharu
Position : Vocals
Birthplace : Okinawa
DOB : 1977, April 17
Blood Type : A Continue reading